Maggam Unit

“To lead a life, one requires skill and we provide it in Maggam work

If we want to enforce the education on everyone, it will not give successful results. When it comes to orphanage, we will join girls and boys of different age groups. So, it will be a difficult task for a girl/boy to start education at certain age beyond 10.

Providing Education is our primary motive alongside we also train them on specialized skill sets to make proficient in any industry. In here, Maggam work which is encouraged by the government is taken into consideration. We have specialized Maggam equipment, where our students can learn and get trained on the equipment.

All these are provided to generate livelihood for the orphans who are living with Sheep NGOs. Maggam work is basically treated as a heavy and expensive work on the blouses and sarees. Now, there is a growing demand for the Maggam work in the fashion industry and we believe this will definitely give livelihood for the children who are growing here. Who knows, with the knowledge in Maggam work and with some innovative ideas, our students might stand on top creating a revolution in the fashion industry.