Orphanage Home

“Many children are out there in the society as Orphans”

Where there is no person to take care of an Individual, then he/she will be considered as an orphan. The Mission of SHEEP NGO is to help the orphans to come out of the discomfort they were currently facing in the society. We provide the caring hand to relieve them from the feeling that there are orphans and provide with a confidence that they are taken care by SHEEP NGOs for the rest of their life.

Most of the orphans end up their life as Child Labour or as a thief and some even lose their life in the process due to their poverty. With all the hardships they face in the young age, most of them feel helplessness and depressed. They will not have access to the basic needs like food, shelter, schooling and hospitals.

To develop an orphan into a responsible person, it is our responsibility to provide a helping hand till he/she grows into an adult. In the process, if the children gets education and skills for the survival, then they will start their life with confidence and who knows they can be in a position to help many people who are suffering like them in their childhood.

Children learn values from their parents, and so we become the parents to the children in SHEEP NGOs to guide them in their life. We share our joy and responsibilities with the Children in SHEEP NGO, so that they become responsible towards the society.

SHEEP NGO, being the best orphanage in Hyderabad, not only providing care to the children but designing a better society for the next generation that is filled with love and connectedness towards the society.