POD Clinic

“It is a challenge for few individuals to lead their life in this society”

It is not for their mistake they become mentally challenged or born as a Divyang, but they have to face the truth for their whole life. With their mental condition or physical condition, all they require is unconditional Love.

Divyangs and Mentally challenged individuals lack love and compassion in their life. Generally, Divyangs and mentally challenged people are bullied by their own families and face the intolerance on many occasions in their life.

At Sheep NGO, We provide utmost care for the Divyangs and mentally challenged individuals who are ignored by their families and who are also orphans. We fill their life with love and hope that is required for them to survive for this whole life. We instil self-confidence, so that they can live on their own without depending on any one. We provide the required training and care to overcome their disability in their life.

Love and show compassion to people, both of them many problems that are not possible through medical sciences.