Tailoring Unit

“Tailoring doesn’t require any Qualification”

Tailoring is provided to the orphans who are living in Sheep NGOs. Along with the Maggam Work, We also providing training in Tailoring skills.

To master the skills, it doesn’t require any special qualification. So, anyone can learn tailoring and become an expert in stitching the clothes. During the practice also, our students will be able to deliver the clothes to other inmates and children who are a part of this wonderful family.

Though stitching on machines is becoming popular, still the tailoring has its popularity like the olden days. There is a rising demand for the tailors in the Boutiques and fashion hubs. So, it will give a wonderful chance to the orphans to try their hand in making it as a livelihood for a bright future.

We want to help in building a society that is filled with Love and compassion. It is our responsibility to guide the individuals (orphans) in the right direction to make a beautiful life of their own in this society. We always welcome a helping hand who want to encourage our students and give them a hope of achieving success and passing it to the next generation.